New Dc/Dc is ordered…

The joys of late night shopping… I have ordered the last of my supplies I hope… Im sure that small things will pop up but this should take care of a lot of stuff so that I can at least get her running! 1) New Kelly KWZ DC/DC Converter (Customized for me with 300mm of […]

We have a Roller!!

We have a Roller Frame!! Now its just a rolling chassis. With the motor and batteries installed. They will be redone when my new metric bolts get here on Friday from McMaster Carr, Now the next thing is to mounting the controller, chargers and then the last thing will be wiring up the batteries and control […]

Thanks a thousand guys :) 

Just a little message to say thanks, I have had 1000 people view this little blog of mine. I know a lot of y’all are gluttons for punishment and keep coming back and I appreciate it.  Btw here is a quick pic of getting the horizontal bar mounted 🙂 it’s currently holding half the pack. […]

Battery Frame Update 2

So I have been semi busy both in real life and on the bike… First we will talk about real life, I am fortunate enough to life really close to Royal Purple raceway and was able to go see John Metrics and the Lone Star EV Drag car (LoneStar EV), Wow what a sight seeing […]

Battery Frame Update

So I know im late and there are a few good reason’s for that. I wont get into my personal life but I was released from my Job 2 Thursday’s ago and have been dealing with dealing with the transition from employed to unemployed, as well as spending a lot of time to finding a […]

Starting to look normal again!

Well no real fabrication this week, but a lot of time at the computer and the printer, Designing parts and then printing. This weekend was more designated to the rear tail and the power charger’s and charge points. Yes I said points as I will have 2 on board! I decided that I didn’t want […]

Holy Sprocket !!!

Well my Custom sprocket has arrived from Sprocket Specialist’s and all i can say is wowwww this thing is huge!!!! I didn’t realize how big it was going to be, CAD model’s just don’t do it sometimes! So after i got it and was gwacking at it for a while, I realized I had better […]