Starting to look normal again!

Well no real fabrication this week, but a lot of time at the computer and the printer, Designing parts and then printing. This weekend was more designated to the rear tail and the power charger’s and charge points. Yes I said points as I will have 2 on board!

I decided that I didn’t want to go the cliche route and put my charge point in the tank, so I was going to put it on the tail behind the passenger seat, well like most plan’s that didn’t work, something about a tail light being in my way :/ so I decided to put it on the right side of the bike with the right in the area that Suzuki left for me to put it there. I thought about putting it on the left side however the oversized Kawasaki 636 monster shock take’s up that space. Im going to work on modeling up a piece to hold it securely in this location and incorporate the seat post bolt as well. I hope to make a Semi Matching piece for the opposite side as well. I will also be adding a regular Nema C-14 Connector right under it so that I can charge from a regular wall plug if im not around a J1772 connector


Nema C-14 Connector to be added

But of course with a tank, tail and seat installed I couldn’t pass up the chance to see how it looked on me 🙂 So i sat and made Vroom Vroom noises!! (notice my other bike giving me the stank eye in the background)



In other new’s the hole in my tank grew…

It is now completely hollow, and now i just need to bash out the dent on the left hand side, as well and cut off a few other pieces that are just hanging around. I also made up a plug for the gas cap so that it solid. i will more then likely screw it in. This will give me a chance to experiment with heat stake’s and make the part properly flat to the top. (and get rid of the support material that I left on there :/

The last thing that I worked on this weekend was attaching and holding the Meanwell’s together. as you can see they turned out quite well, except I had the white in the printer I wanted it black, so im going to just leave it white as no one while really see it 🙂 just going to drill a couple of mounting holes and put it in the orignal subframe pan.

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