Trouble @ 50 and changing it up

so i took the bike out for a ride the other day, and was cruising along and then all of a sudden, bamm! No power… my damn woodway key had come out while I was driving!!!

Thankfully I was able to find it but ended up having to push the bike home for the remaining 2.5 miles!

So… a few things to change,

1.Gear Ratio’s:

Im Changing up from a 16/65 to a 18/50 this will do a couple of things.

1, Top speed goes back north of a ton.

2, Acceleration will pick up a little bit as well as my steady cruise @ 50% throttle, previously with my throttle @ 50% would have given me 45MPH, which is fine but after riding the ZERO for 2 years and learning i want to be doing that speed @ 20-30% throttle. With the new gearing @ 30% throttle ill be @ 40MPH which is better but still has room for improvement.

BTW For everyone wanting to nerd out on the numbers, the spreadsheet in Excel format is HERE 

2. Bolt Retainer

I will be finding a new bolt to shove on the end of the motor with a giant washer to hold it all captive so this never happens again!

3. Chain Guard(ish) thing

I forgot how much gunk get’s flung up with chain’s! (not really i had to clean it off last time!!) but im going to print a nice protection device for the Battery’s that will mount off the motor mount and the 2 all rod’s that hold the 3 cell’s together under the motor and implement that here sooner rather then later! (more pics to come soon of this!)


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