2020 Update

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… oh wait wrong book…

Just a couple of updates for everyone,

Yes im still alive, yes i have a job, and yes im married… now i can start to get back in the habit of working on this bike and keeping this updated!

1. It’s been just over a year since my last update with the new motor that I purchased for the SV. Well good and bad new’s about it… the Good news is that by the end of the year I am planning to have it installed in the bike and running. the bad is that it doesn’t fit in the current mount, or will fit in the area above the cells without modification,  so it will need to be slightly tweaked and the fins will be shaved and the new motor mount will need to made. I will also make a new version of the battery tray, that will move the cell’s forward by 1/2 of an inch, I know its not much but it will allow the wires to be less strained coming out of the motor

2. New cells!! – So I ordered 12 brand new Nissan leaf cell’s from a Gen1 leaf. the reason for that was that I was a horrible person and let the old cell’s die. I even kept telling myself I needed to check on them and keep them charged. But with my new job at a Li-Ion Battery manufacturer i have learned the importance of BMS’s and how they really work, so much so I designed my own AFE and BMS for the bike, modified off a ANT Bluetooth 300A BMS, these will allow upto the 600A that controller can handle. This will keep the cell’s in better condition and allow me to extend the life through to the next chapter of her life.

3. BMS- As mentioned above I got my new BMS and got it wired up.  (as a side note, i have disabled the J1772 and the level 2 charging to the system right now. I will be re-integrating it soon however!!)


4. All pretty in white, The tank and rear fairing also got some love and got re-painted in Solid White, Many thanks to the guys over at Collision Clinic in Stafford (https://collisionclinic-inc.com/). I have also started collecting parts for the full fairing parts to fully fair the bike and protect the cell’s (more about those plan’s in a coming post)

5. Austin – So the real reason for all the push recently to get the bike up and running again was the fact that I have been invited to show the bike off at Fully Charged 2020 in Austin Feb 1,2 @ Circuit of the America’s.

6. More printing!!! – So i have printed a whole host of new covers for the buss barr’s to protect them from shorting. Now that they are only plastic they arent there for massive protection, but just to keep little fingers and what not out of them!

One thought on “2020 Update

  1. I’m looking at building a similar bike, could you please elaborate on how you modified the ANT BMS? Thank you.


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