Kelly Controller !!! 

Well after customs decided to hold it up for no good reason it is here!!!!    Hey, look it’s ripperton!!! (Electric Formula extreme Australia TTXGP champion 🙂 )         The massive contactor     It’s so massive!!!    Here it is mocked up with my ME1117 motor    

3D Printing Mounts to Test

Well I am waiting to get the Controller here as well as the batteries, I have a 3D model to work with that will allow me to stream-line assembly. That is as soon as i learn to take measurements in 3D…                   As you can see here they don’t quite match up. 2 hrs and […]

Getting Digital…

Well while im waiting on parts… I decided to start modeling this all up so that I can get an idea of how it will all go together. We have my 12 Cell’s ME1117 and the rear swing arm all modelled. I will need to model up the chassis to really get an idea of […]

Back History

So for those of you that dont know the bike that is in the subject of the transformation is a Suzuki Sv-650. It was a Twin Cylinder bike that I purchased back in Sept 2008. I rode the bike till i had my accident on Jan 2010, I Rebuilt it and continued to ride it […]

MeanWell’s are on the way!

After a  chat last night with Ben, and having him double check all my calculations I convinced myself to order the 2 MeanWell HGL-320H-54’s. There was a couple things that made me go with the MeanWell’s It is well documented on how to wire them in series so that I can get the voltage doubled […]

Motor is here !!

Well it finally arrived!!! Sure enough is in fact a ME1117 with a sin/cosine encoder motor, and will run well with me Kelly KLS96501-8080IPS that was ordered the other day. I also received my sevcon DC/DC Converter.  I will probably trash it and order a new one as it cuts out @ 84V which means […]

Controller Saga Cont.

Well it is done, I have ordered the Kelly KLS96501-8080IPS controller, and a ZJW-12V/400A contactor, Kelly included a new fuse, diode, and a precharge resistor. Now I just need it to get here and then I can start mocking it and the motor into the bike, and start measuring up the cables for motor and […]

Controller And Motor Problems

Well ill just start this with a quote “The plan you start with is never the plan that actually works” So I purchased the motor on 12/28/2015, and the company I bought them from said it was a ME0913… Well turns out that after a lot of investigation its actually a ME1117… not really that […]

Parts List

Well lets get the big things out of the way… 1 ) Motor Going to go with a ME0913 PMAC motor For a few reason’s : Designed for long life. No brush maintenance. The motor is 92% efficient at voltages between 24 to 96 VDC. Continuous current of 125 amps AC Peak current of 420 […]

And so it starts…

Well i have finally decided to document my adventure on converting my SV-650s to an Electric Motorcycle. This will be updated as I get time and as I remember.