3D Printing Mounts to Test

Well I am waiting to get the Controller here as well as the batteries, I have a 3D model to work with that will allow me to stream-line assembly.

That is as soon as i learn to take measurements in 3D…

3dModel Fail                  Motor Mount Plate v5.iges

As you can see here they don’t quite match up. 2 hrs and 2 failed prints last night.. Going to rework it and set it to print later tonight and see if it does a better job. Right now I am going to break the current print into multiple parts that I can print and Acetone weld together and place on the bike before I send them out to Proto Lab’s to get machined in T6-6061 Aluminum. This and the brackets will be the only parts I will not machine myself.

Temp Layout

This is the Current Model, Still with the Gen 2 Frame on it, till I can get the new model into Fusion and start Modeling it.

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