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Controller, Motor, DC/DC

ControllerKLS72501-8080IPS,24V-72V,500A,Sinusoidal BLDC Motor Controller
Controller Manual (PDF) – KLS8080I IPS Opto-isolated Sinusoidal BLDC V1.9

Motor – ME1117 Modified (2012 Zero)
It is similar to the ME1117 motor, but with a different mounting face pattern and shaft.
ME1117 plot 68 V 3000 rpm (will be running at 96V @ 4500RPM)
ME1117 Cutaway
ME1117 Drawing

DC/DC Converter – Custom HWZ Series DC/DC Converter 96V to 12V 300W (Custom in regards to a external switch added to enable the DC/DC)
Dimensions: 172mm(L)*120mm(W)*66mm(H)
Input voltage: DC 96V
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output current: 25A
Operating voltage range:75V-130V
Operating temperature: -10C – +40C

Function :
Over current limited
Output short protection
Battery reversed connect protection
Over temperature protection
Incomplete Waterproof and anti-shock
Isolate between input and output

Motorcycle Harness Layout1

Wiring Diagram:


Calculations:Paratmater'sBattery specMotor Performance