Parts List

Well lets get the big things out of the way…

1 ) Motor

Going to go with a ME0913 PMAC motor For a few reason’s :

  1. Designed for long life.
  2. No brush maintenance.
  3. The motor is 92% efficient at voltages between 24 to 96 VDC.
  4. Continuous current of 125 amps AC
  5. Peak current of 420 Amps AC for 1 minute
  6. 3 Hall sensors at 120 degrees electrical timing.
  7. It has two stators with a rotor in the center.
  8. This is a 4 pole motor (8 magnets).
  9. The maximum recommended rotor speed is 5000 RPM.
  10. Voltages from 0 to 96 VDC input to the control.
  11. Weight of 35 pounds.

2) Batteries

Going to go with the all so popular and highly reliable Nissan Leaf Batteries. 12 of them to give me a pack voltage fresh off the charger of 91.2V. I will be using the 2015 Cell’s which are physically a better design then the year prior and also are rated at 64AH. Giving me a estimated pack of 7.6KWh. I plan to use them for ~ 2500 Cycles which will equate to 61K miles of road. This should work out for a couple of year’s 🙂

3) Controller

This is an on going internal debate (btw if you have any feedback you are more then welcome to provide it). Right now the outrunning favorite is the new shiny (well black actually) Kelly KLS7275D. The other contender is the Sevcon Gen 4 Size 4 Controller. I will put the discussion on another post and detail why I choose each one.

4) Chargers

I am going to follow in the path of the great’s before me (Ben and Kyle) and use the awesome Mean Well Power Supplies Tuned to give me the voltage and current. I will probably put 2 HLG-320H-48A in series to give me the 96 Volts that I will need to fully charge the pack.

Now before you all get up in arms No im not using a BMW both Ben and Kyle and may others very successfully bottom charge these Leaf Cells and have no problems with them. Now what i will do is rig up a mini Arduino rig to monitor the cells, but for now I will use a multi meter and manually check the cells every once in a while.

5) Gears and Gearing

Well first let me say that I will be using a direct drive system. I am going to use a set of custom 520 Gears from Rebel Gears. Up front will be a 16 tooth sprocket (keyed and mounted to the shaft) and in the back on the origianl SV wheel and cush drive will be a 64 tooth sprocket. This will give me a 4.0625 Ratio for a physically limited top speed at 4500 RPM of 82.38 MPH. Now I will probably change gears later on down the road. I would like to be able to do a Ton on this bike at some point in life.

All said and done, this will be a light bike (350-400LBS Curb weight) that will be used for daily commuting back and forth to work as well as to the grocery store and other little around town trips.


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