Controller And Motor Problems

Well ill just start this with a quote

“The plan you start with is never the plan that actually works”

So I purchased the motor on 12/28/2015, and the company I bought them from said it was a ME0913… Well turns out that after a lot of investigation its actually a ME1117… not really that big of deal except the difference between hall effect and sin/cos encoder… again not a big show stopped… so i have had to redesign and rebuilt the settings for the controller. Origianlly i was going to use a KLS7275D ( 500Amp 72V nominal volt Sinusoidal Hall effect driven controller) now i have changed to a KLS96501-8080IPS ( 500Amp 96V nominal Volt Sinusoidal Sin/Cosine Driven Controller ) so there was a few reasons for moving upto the new voltage.

To use 12 Nissan Volts fully charged ( (4v*2)*12 = 96V) which is 6 volts over the limit for the KLS7275, however the 96501  is 24V-118V so in theory i could up my voltage to 14 cells ( ( 4V*2)*14 but that might come in the future.

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