MeanWell’s are on the way!

After a  chat last night with Ben, and having him double check all my calculations I convinced myself to order the 2 MeanWell HGL-320H-54’s.

There was a couple things that made me go with the MeanWell’s

  1. It is well documented on how to wire them in series so that I can get the voltage doubled up.
  2. They are fully waterproof!! I will use some Metri-Pack Connectors to make the connectors waterproof as well

This will afford me the onboard charging for the 12 Leaf modules. Assuming that the modules  are at 8V each, (8*64ah= 6144WH or a little over 6KwH battery pack) The two Meanwells would be 320 watts x 2 = 640 watts. 6144/640 = 9.6. So, about a 10 hour recharge.

However, keep in mind that ten hours would be for a fully discharged battery pack. If I only ran the batteries down half way, it would be a 5 hour recharge time.

Now I do plan to make a better charging station at home with 2 RSP-2000-54’s and that should allow me to recharge @ 4000 watt’s. which mean (6144/4000 = 1.5)  so about a 2 hour fast charge if I cant deal with the 10 hr overnight charge time 🙂

This is the last major purchase besides cables and the batteries, and the nuisance purchase of the new DC/DC Converter. I plan to finish the wiring diagram today as well as update all my information in the ElMoto v2.18. Hopefully I will probably post all the stat’s this evening.


2 thoughts on “MeanWell’s are on the way!

  1. so how are these meanwells working out?
    I basically am doing the same thing on a ninja 250 with a ME0913 and chevy volt cells
    You seem to be paving the way.
    Any issues with your kelly controller?
    Would love to get some feedback, maybe save me some headaches.


    1. They are doing well in my test setup. when I get all set up i will do a bigger update. The kelly looks good and looks to be running strong!


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