Holy Sprocket !!!

Well my Custom sprocket has arrived from Sprocket Specialist’s and all i can say is wowwww this thing is huge!!!! I didn’t realize how big it was going to be, CAD model’s just don’t do it sometimes! So after i got it and was gwacking at it for a while, I realized I had better check my gear ratio’s. If you want to get look at the nerdy numbers feel free to scroll down, if not enjoy the gear porn 🙂


Well here is the gearing 65rear/16 front… now that gives me a ratio of 4.06. Which is a good overall ratio, but I think it can be better. The problem comes with the range that i get out of it.In short I will order a new 18 and new 20 and will experiment with them at a later day.


At the 4.06 Ratio, @40-60% throttle which will be the 2500-3000 RPM range i would be doing 45MPH-55MPH which is good but when im running in Houston, i need to get the power to get out of idiotic driver’s way. Which means if I juiced it, then i would be closer to the 80% throttle. With this being the case, I can move to a 3.61 Ratio or even a 3.25 ratio.







Let’s talk about ride that i will be taking this bike on every day. Its a 14 mile route with speeds from 40MPH (occasionally dropping to 20 during school zone times) to 70 MPH. Which mean’s I will be operating @ 40-50 MPH which if i can run it in the lower “RPM” range then I hope that i can extend my range.

Raw XLS Spreadsheet or PDF are here for those of you that want to review them 🙂

One thought on “Holy Sprocket !!!

  1. I like it! Sprocket Specialists is where I got the custom rear sprocket for my original Kawasaki KZ440 Electric Motorcycle project. Those guys were great!


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