There is a hole in my tank, dear sprocket dear sprocket…

Well this will be a unusual post as there is not really a keep theme to it… Its a few updates all rolled into one 🙂

First of I was wondering why i had no more gas in my tank then i found out why… Someone… (My wonderful girlfriend wearing my blue boilersuit) IMG_8199 had cut a big ol hole in my gas tank… (well she held the WD40 and wondertapp while i was cutting it out 🙂 this is the first step in getting the 05 SV1000 Gen 2 tank to fit on the bike… I know, I know, i can hear you crying now, “But Robert, you have a 99 Sv650 Gen 1, why are you putting that tank on???” well there are a few reason’s. 1) it is physically bigger then the SV650 Tank by almost a gallon which means that it will allow me to hold all the electronics in the tank and there give me more room for the batteries in the frame. 2) The bigger sv1000 tank was almost free (due to the massive dent on one side) 3) i can customize it to side into the space that the old 650 tank used to occupy!

The second update is my sprocket has finally been ordered!! I have been talking with Lance over at sprocket specialist for a while and have finally decided (after finding the right front sprocket gear (1 inch #50 machinist gear) (really hate having a motor with 0 documentation)) and getting the new motor to line up with the chain alignment. Now all i need to do is order a new 530 150 link chain to go around that big bad 65 tooth rear sprocket and the shiny 16 tooth front. Now this will give me a Gear ratio of 4.0625:1  (which is very close to the ratio that every one says is the golden ratio 🙂 )


With that being said I need to address my own stupid error in calculation, and a lesson i should have learned from NASA about units and measurement’s (and being quick and overlooking stuff) i have been working of this calculation sheet in excel that I got from Lennon Rodgers ( Main website build and his white paper @ Here which were all extremely helpful ) well on his excel sheet he has his wheel radius set at 17 inches (which is my wheel diameter). Not thinking twice about it, I kept going and promptly forgot all about this in making my motor decision and hence controller selection.  Only the other day when going through this did the stupidity of my mistake. Now according to his calculation sheet that would mean that my final close to 100 MPH in max speed, (at some point I will be making a speed run on it and will gear it for that!) however when I corrected it to 11-12.5 (due to the fact i didn’t know my final wheel radius with tire on) that dropped to 72.5-82.5. which is still decent for what i want to do with this bike 🙂

Well this weekend I plan to finish mounting the controller and might make a start on getting the batteries mounted to the Frame (yay for online shopping for raw aluminum strip’s or I might goto Home Depot and pick up some if im impatient enough!!!)

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