Motor Mount Fab Pt II

Well tonight was a good night, well for the most part… Started with remounting the motor and attempting to get the plate as flush. Realized that shaft was about an inch short, well then I realized that the top forward and bottom rear bolt were actually castle nut bolts and therefore adjustable πŸ™‚ so with a little work they moved about 3/4 of an inch inboard πŸ™‚ now the Chain and the sprocket line up almost like they were made for it.  I’m not a fan that I have gone from 3 bolts to 2 bolts holding the plate in place but I feel that it is secure in its place. Plus there will be other members that are going to be tacked on providing more support. 

A fewer threw for your pleasure  

You can see here that I have moved it on the opposite side of the third carrier bolt. I’m going to see about putting a longer bolt in and trying to add some rigidity back into it.  Like the two other sv builds that are currently going on I am trying not to modify the frames at all.  I think the engineers from Suzuki did a fabulous job designing the frame and as such I don’t want to screw to up. 

As you can see the sprocket know likes up better then it did previously .  I will need to order a significantly longer chain  due to the length f the extra 2 inches from the stock location, as well as the larger sprocket which I hopefully will be ordering tomorrow morning. 

Is that a Kelly controller I see mounted on the top??? Yea yes it is πŸ™‚ 

I’m kind of liking the look of it there, I choice that spot as its close to the motor cable’s and is close to the rest of the 12 v system, and leaves a decent amount of too, for the batteries below the motor and doesn’t infringe in the forward section. As you can see I also got my new Domino throttle. 

Can’t see it n the picture but I also started work ok cutting the inside of the tank and shelling it out.  

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