We have a Roller!!


We have a Roller Frame!!

Now its just a rolling chassis. With the motor and batteries installed. They will be redone when my new metric bolts get here on Friday from McMaster Carr, Now the next thing is to mounting the controller, chargers and then the last thing will be wiring up the batteries and control circuits. Im also waiting for Hybrid auto to send me some more of the nissan leaf plate’s so that instead of using just the bolts and washer’s to hold it in place I can have some real support on them!

The controller is going to go inverted in the center of the tank, closer to the back side of the frame.

After that I will be banging the crap out of the dent on my gen 2 tank to clean it up and get it all buffed out and back to looking pretty, and then I can create a shelf to put all the control electronics under the tank.

Ive been thinking about the rear tail and the chargers after discussion with people that are using then, im going to mount then flat on some 6061, Raise them up enough that the offset distance matches the same height that current hump is (that way when the rear swingarm is in full uptravel it will have no problem’s clearing it) and have them open to the air under the tail, seperated from the plastic piece that it is close to.

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