New Dc/Dc is ordered…

The joys of late night shopping… I have ordered the last of my supplies I hope… Im sure that small things will pop up but this should take care of a lot of stuff so that I can at least get her running!
1) New Kelly KWZ DC/DC Converter (Customized for me with 300mm of extra length on the wire’s as well as a custom 5th wire added to an additional switch)
2) 50 2AWG Crimp Lug’s so I can use my shiny new Crimper 🙂
3) 200Ft of 22AWG wire (in multiple colours for all the low voltage connections)
4) A 530 Pitch 132 link O-Ring chain 🙂 (been holding out on it for a while)

The DC/DC will be here in about 3 week’s so I need to get everything else done before it get’s here!! Time to get electrical !

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