We are charging along :)

Well 2 hours of working and playing in the garage and the charger is now mounted and ready to locked in. I have remounted them on aluminum block’s. They were just scrap’s that I had laying around. I think they are just the left overs from the piece’s that i had when I cut the hole for the Kelly controller. I ended up cutting MOST of the black plastic piece in the middle as it was turning into a swiss hole, so there is now 2 piece’s (one at the Shock mount with 2 bolt’s holding them and then the Top piece with 4 bolts which will hold an Arduino mini and relay control board.


The Controller is now mounted and bolted upto the motor and bolted into the frame. I need to work on the mounting from the frame to the holder. The contactor and the rest of the components will go in the area in front of the controller mounted directly to the chassis.

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