Battery Frame Update 2

So I have been semi busy both in real life and on the bike…
First we will talk about real life, I am fortunate enough to life really close to Royal Purple raceway and was able to go see John Metrics and the Lone Star EV Drag car (LoneStar EV), Wow what a sight seeing that thing run down the track!!Drag Car

The bike…
well honestly not a lot has been happening on the bike, I did work on a few things mostly getting the holder finished being cut and shapped and getting it all ready to accept batteries. I worked on getting 6 of them in the frame as that would give me a nice solid piece that I can use to mount and finish assembling the whole subframe.
As you can see I got them stacked and bolted up but ran into a clearance issue on the frame itself which i kind guessed was going to happen… (sometimes you know the math doesnt add up but you hope you just screwed up somewhere and it will turn out all right).

The boss that is sticking out to the lower left frame is hindering my whole battery pack from connecting  up , so out comes the dremel and off it comes!! Need to spend some more time and get it as flat as possible, but ran out of steam and energy tonight. Off to bed more forth coming 🙂

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