Its been a long time, but i finally have ordered my 12 Nissan Leaf Batteries from, i have been talking to them since June 01, 2015 when i first started thinking about this project! I cant say enough about how helpful they were!! Just a few things left to order, New 72 tooth rear […]

Im Still Alive :)

Sorry for the absense in post’s.  Been moving and getting settled into the new location so this project had to sit on the side. Got in the Sheet of 6061 Today for the motor mount. Hope to get that fabbed up here either this weekend or next. Also going to run the printer over the […]

Kelly Controller !!! 

Well after customs decided to hold it up for no good reason it is here!!!!    Hey, look it’s ripperton!!! (Electric Formula extreme Australia TTXGP champion 🙂 )         The massive contactor     It’s so massive!!!    Here it is mocked up with my ME1117 motor    

3D Printing Mounts to Test

Well I am waiting to get the Controller here as well as the batteries, I have a 3D model to work with that will allow me to stream-line assembly. That is as soon as i learn to take measurements in 3D…                   As you can see here they don’t quite match up. 2 hrs and […]

Getting Digital…

Well while im waiting on parts… I decided to start modeling this all up so that I can get an idea of how it will all go together. We have my 12 Cell’s ME1117 and the rear swing arm all modelled. I will need to model up the chassis to really get an idea of […]

Back History

So for those of you that dont know the bike that is in the subject of the transformation is a Suzuki Sv-650. It was a Twin Cylinder bike that I purchased back in Sept 2008. I rode the bike till i had my accident on Jan 2010, I Rebuilt it and continued to ride it […]

MeanWell’s are on the way!

After a  chat last night with Ben, and having him double check all my calculations I convinced myself to order the 2 MeanWell HGL-320H-54’s. There was a couple things that made me go with the MeanWell’s It is well documented on how to wire them in series so that I can get the voltage doubled […]

Motor is here !!

Well it finally arrived!!! Sure enough is in fact a ME1117 with a sin/cosine encoder motor, and will run well with me Kelly KLS96501-8080IPS that was ordered the other day. I also received my sevcon DC/DC Converter.  I will probably trash it and order a new one as it cuts out @ 84V which means […]

Controller Saga Cont.

Well it is done, I have ordered the Kelly KLS96501-8080IPS controller, and a ZJW-12V/400A contactor, Kelly included a new fuse, diode, and a precharge resistor. Now I just need it to get here and then I can start mocking it and the motor into the bike, and start measuring up the cables for motor and […]

Controller And Motor Problems

Well ill just start this with a quote “The plan you start with is never the plan that actually works” So I purchased the motor on 12/28/2015, and the company I bought them from said it was a ME0913… Well turns out that after a lot of investigation its actually a ME1117… not really that […]