Its been a long time, but i finally have ordered my 12 Nissan Leaf Batteries from, i have been talking to them since June 01, 2015 when i first started thinking about this project! I cant say enough about how helpful they were!!

Just a few things left to order,

  1. New 72 tooth rear sprocket
  2. Hydralic Crimper for the 2 AWG wire
  3. 50ft of blue 2awg wire
  4. 10ft of red and black 2awg wire
  5. a million crimp connectors 🙂
  6. Domino Throttle (kinda a big one i guess…)
  7. New Dc-Dc Convertor (the one i have will work just not happy about its cutout voltage)

Hopefully going to bench test the whole set up later next month when i get it all connected

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