Happy Anniversary :)

Well im writing just to make mention of the fact that this is the anniversary of the creation of this wordpress page 🙂 I would like to thank all 949 of you that looked at the site and those of you that made suggestions or comments! This coming year I plan to do a few things.

  1. Update all spec’s and update all drawing’s
  2. Add Zeva BMS and Screen to the bike (already received and partially mounted)
  3. Figure out if it is the motor or the controller system (possibly replace motor with Motenergy 0913 (like I originally planned to have)
  4. Add AVC module to enable charging at public charging locations
  5. Maybe start working on the fiberglass. 😉
  6. Keep all information updated on here (as well as keeping a life going 😉 )

See you all this year 🙂


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