Minor Update

So I have not been working as much as I had wanted to, but I have been working on trying to find out why the motor is not working. It still is giving off an hall effect sensor code. We have now replaced the chip as well as the connector and re-wired it into the controller, I think that at this point it must be the wiring so I start to work on reviewing my wiring and seeing if I can track it down from there.

I have checked that the windings are not grounded to the case by using a Resistance meter to a phase lead, then touch the aluminum case.

2 thoughts on “Minor Update

  1. Thanks for all the great information. I have just recently found my self mesmerized with conversions and everything EV. I found this blog (and promptly read nearly every post) while doing research for a conversion of my own. Planning to resurrect my Suzuki GS500F as fully electric.
    I see it has been a while since you’ve posted. Hope to see a new update soon! Keep up the great work


    1. Hey mate,
      The gs500f is a great bike to convert!
      I know I have been lacking in a post, it’s just been crazy here!!
      I actually have a post saved in my draft section but haven’t posted it… (Might finish it off today 20-Nov-16)


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