An Ode to Molex…

Well I havent fallen off the planet yet, but I feel like it!!

Went to fire it up 2 weeks ago for the first time and nothing, a lot of troubleshooting later and we have figure out the sin/cosine encoder is wrong and faulty and needed to be replaced, no problem! ordered 2 new chip’s as well as 2 new connectors and about 2 dozen extra crimp pin’s (those suckers get lost so quickly!) the first order from mouse of connectors and crimps dissolved into thin air, we have no idea where they are (mouser is awesome enough to have sent me a replacment set though 🙂 !! ) I then tried to put them together and they wouldn’t stay in the connectors (my big crimps that i was using were crimping down on the detent level and basically making them one big non-gripping pin).

I figured out the problem and then only had 5 pin’s left, which is ok as i had 5 wires’s!!! great no pressure!! re-crimped them all, started to install them and got the green ground wire into the molex and it slipped out of the crimp pin, which is now firmely planed in the connector!! so new connector and a dozen spare pin’s are on the way as well as a few IC’s that I want and will go from there when they get here (in 2 days, thank you mouser for being located 600 miles away!!)



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