Wow, where to start….

So i know it’s been a while since I updated, i have a good reason (I Promise), I just celebrated my 30th birthday and I took a super long weekend to a local state park in the Texas Hill Country and enjoyed the time.

Back to the bike πŸ™‚ I got back on Tuesday theΒ  13th and was working on it til almost 4 AM, took the 14th off to enjoy my lost decade, before starting on my next one πŸ™‚ Then I have been working on the Kelly Controller all day today and have come to the conclusion (as well as after talking to John @ motenergy) that the encoder board that is on my motor probably has a short or a failure and that is why I continue to get the Hall Effect Error, So the bike will goto the local National Drive Electric show and will be on static display up on the rear pit stand’s next door to a Vectrix. (I will take plenty of pics and will post them on here)

I finally hooked up the meanwells’ and trimmed them out to 99.6V (4.15V charged, 8.3 Volts per pack). I might re-tune it to 100V exactly as that is 4.16V per.

The Dc/Dc connected and being fed by the main battery, thankfully the extra switch that I had them wired in to the system is now being used directly connected to the key switch, that then allows me to power up the 12v system (light’s, Signal’s, but most importantly the dash πŸ™‚ ) . I have the output feed the main engine kill switch (the big red button on the side of the right handle bar) and that is what closes the contractor and power’s up the kelly controller.

12V System
Well now that I have the 12v system up I can start interjecting signal’s into the dash, Most importantly the red “Engine” light will now be used by the Kelly Controller to show any fault’s that are found to have issues, the Turn Signal’s and the High function normally. I have also identified the wire that feeds into the tach, next up will be hooking up an arduino micro and feeding a signal into the line to control the tach to do as i want πŸ™‚

Well now to the part im not really happy about… as i said earlier after talking to John, as well as a few other’s, it was agreed on that the Encorder board is either shorting or about to give up, so a new one is on its way from wisconcin, and should be here mid to late next week. So when i get home on saturday after the show, ill park the bike, then on sunday i will disconnect the motor and pull it out of the bike, and set it on the bench and start working on chipping out the epoxy that is holding it in place, and when the new one gets here itll go in and maybe ill have a motor spin right after that πŸ™‚ im not going to epoxy it all in this time as it has a screwed and gasketed cover already holding it in its cave.

I took my tank to the local body guy I use, apparently i never use the right hammer πŸ™‚ about 6 blow’s later the tank was almost back to the way it should be πŸ™‚ I am working on version 6 of the tank mounts for the back so that I can mount it on top of the controller plate.


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