Getting Lower with Low Volts :)

This will be a long and multi-subjected post with lots of pictures πŸ™‚

Hi, my name is Robert and I have a Blogging/EV problem, its been 4 days since my last post, and about 5 minutes since I worked on my bike (time enough to clean my hands so as not to sully my keyboard).

(pause for Hi’s from other addicts)

Its been an interesting few days here at Camp SV650E, I have been working quite hard on the bike, and it hit me the on Tuesday ( 23/Aug ), that I could in fact have a running bike by next Thursday ( 1/Sept ) not under its own rolling power, but a spinning motor running bike. (see Drive Train Section). So with this joyed conclusion, I have ordered a U-Haul Trailer and will tow the bike to the local EV Group meeting (Houston Electric Auto Association ) this Thursday ( 1/Sept).

Running Day

I am hoping that we will have 2 major running days coming, Sept 1st and Sept 17th, The only thing that is stopping me from the Sept 1st is my DC/DC (which is slated to get here this coming Tuesday ( 10th aug)) and the pre-charge resistor (which I destroyed while I was trying to drill the holes on the lug’s so that I can slip it on the contactor the other day ). I have all the High Voltage Cables made and set up and in there respective place’s to allow me to do a spinning test of the motor with the Domino throttle and the rest of the HV system.

National Drive Electric Week

I have registered the bike and the fusion (my hybrid daily driver) for the Houston edition of the nation drive electric week meetup here in Houston Tx. If your in my neck of the woods feel free to come on out πŸ™‚ I will be taking pics and posting them here!

Drive Train

So currently the other problem that im facing is that the chain has way too much slop in the system for me to safetly run it, so I am going to embark on making MK3 of the motor mount

3d Printing

IMG_8508This was the first draft of making the mounts that the controller plate will sit in and hold everything in place.
Both the side pieces ended up being about an inch and a half too short after I had them mount so had to be re-designed.
The left side was just far to warped for me to use due to the extreme mass of plastic that was being printed, as well as one of the side mounting hole’s was not lined up to well, so that side was ready for trash.
The right side was pretty much perfect, but still too short and was just a little too long to hold the bracket and had to be shortened by about .2 of a inch. The back was a good setup and ready to roll the way it was, but I decided to shorten it just a bit to move the whole setup backwards as well as bolstered the height to to hold it in position better.

Finished ended up looking like below, I like it a lot, its a little too close to the controller in some places, so I might make a new version at some point but for right now itll work just great!

NEW DC DC is shipped

The new custom DC/DC is shipped and should be here soon, this will allow me to creat the 12v system therefore letting me run the rest of the low volt system and test it out and make sure that the cutting away that i did worked πŸ˜‰

New Orders

IMG_8500After a little accident in the garage with a drill-press and the precharge resister ( see pic ) I have ordered a new ceramic resistor that I can mount in its place. Thanks to Damian (on the Electric motorcycle Builder on Facebook) for a great suggestion on using hot glue inside the heat shrink to hold it a little better in place. I also ordered the last set of Metri-Pack Connectors so that i can hook up the hall effect sensors as well as the temp sensor to the Kelly Controller.

While on the subject of the pre-charge resistor Damian mentioned a new to me company that i think bear’s sharing with the rest of the blog-a-sphere, Zero Emission Vehicles Australia is a Australian based Electric Automotive Conversion Company that has a great system for Electric conversion’s.

There core system allows :
BMS master control: Communicates with BMS modules over CAN bus and takes action if any cells go out of safe voltage or temperature range.
Instrumentation such as battery pack voltage, instantaneous current, battery state of charge
Optional staged precharging: Soft-start your motor controller, including error detection in cases of wiring or controller faults.
Contactor control: Management of auxiliary contactors to allow pack break-up when not driving or charging.
Temperature sensor input: For monitoring your motor temperature
Analog gauge outputs: Allowing the use your OEM fuel gauge to display battery SoC, your tachometer to display instantaneous amps, and your temp gauge to display motor temperature.

If you are in the US they can be ordered from or from Australia Directly at there website. I am highly thinking that i’m going to work there core system and BMS into my pack to allow me to more safety monitor and save my pack.

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