Im BACK ;)

Well, i know its been a while… (ok 2 years or so) but i have a really good reason! you ready to hear it??? well first i moved house’s and then bought a house to actually store my projects! and then i got married to my wonderful assistant! plus i also moved jobs twice! But now is the time to get serious!

I haven’t forgotten about the bike in fact far from it.

So before I start on the bike a few other updates,

  1. I ride a zero motorcycle now as well πŸ˜‰ It is my new primary daily driver as of today it it just at 5K or so. Only had one issue with it so far and that was the DC/DC decided to die @ 4.5K and so they replaced it, however it did mean heading up to austin early one saturday and coming back that evening, so big but oh well…37121495_10213727122824572_1309240769239842816_n
  2. The house… well my new has a nice little garage πŸ˜‰ ok a three car oversized garage with ac and heat but that is a minor detail πŸ˜‰ but it now mean I have space to move around.
  3. Also I have a nice single car in my three car that is secluded, so i can put my new CNC machine and all my metal working in a separate area other then my
  4. This is the big one I just didnt have anytime or more specifically weekends. When I was at my last job, I was working 6-7 days a week. And on the days that I wasnt working I just didnt have the energy to do anything! But this new job means I have weekends to myself! (my wife works usually every other weekend, so the weekends she works I get 14 hrs of garage alone time a day if I want, or am not doing another project for her!

Going forward next year I will be replacing the motor with the new one, getting the Zeva BMS up and running, and also adding an AUX battery for the zeva and the 12 volt system. I did order a DC/DC when i worked on the bike last however i had them tune it to 12V exactly, well I think I will change it out and get one that does the normal 13.2V so that i can charge my AUX battery ( the zeva really needs to see the 13V out of the DC/DC). I will also start work on modifing the Fairing (either going with a ducati fairing or making the modifications to my existing one to accomodate the giant battery tank πŸ˜‰ I am also going to take some time to work on updating all the documents on this site, and also refining the documents to better help other’s if they want to use my bike as a guide!

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