MeanWell’s are on the way!

After a  chat last night with Ben, and having him double check all my calculations I convinced myself to order the 2 MeanWell HGL-320H-54’s.

There was a couple things that made me go with the MeanWell’s

  1. It is well documented on how to wire them in series so that I can get the voltage doubled up.
  2. They are fully waterproof!! I will use some Metri-Pack Connectors to make the connectors waterproof as well

This will afford me the onboard charging for the 12 Leaf modules. Assuming that the modules  are at 8V each, (8*64ah= 6144WH or a little over 6KwH battery pack) The two Meanwells would be 320 watts x 2 = 640 watts. 6144/640 = 9.6. So, about a 10 hour recharge.

However, keep in mind that ten hours would be for a fully discharged battery pack. If I only ran the batteries down half way, it would be a 5 hour recharge time.

Now I do plan to make a better charging station at home with 2 RSP-2000-54’s and that should allow me to recharge @ 4000 watt’s. which mean (6144/4000 = 1.5)  so about a 2 hour fast charge if I cant deal with the 10 hr overnight charge time 🙂

This is the last major purchase besides cables and the batteries, and the nuisance purchase of the new DC/DC Converter. I plan to finish the wiring diagram today as well as update all my information in the ElMoto v2.18. Hopefully I will probably post all the stat’s this evening.


2 thoughts on “MeanWell’s are on the way!

  1. so how are these meanwells working out?
    I basically am doing the same thing on a ninja 250 with a ME0913 and chevy volt cells
    You seem to be paving the way.
    Any issues with your kelly controller?
    Would love to get some feedback, maybe save me some headaches.


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